Everything About Chuseok

everything about chuseok

Answering the most commonly asked questions about chuseok

How to Say Happy Chuseok in Korean

There are many ways to say Happy Chuseok in Korean, each with a generous and extolling meaning to it. The very basic way to wish someone is Jeulgeoun hangawi bonaeseyo (즐거운 한가위 보내세요) which translates as ‘I wish that you have a very happy thanksgiving’. Korean greetings sound very sweet and always leave a smile on your face.

What is Chuseok Day

Chuseok Day or Hangawi is a national holiday in South Korea. People travel back home from cities and spend time with their close ones and families. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar.

What’s Open During Chuseok

Amusement parks like Lotte World and Everland are open and have special discounts during the holiday making them some of the best places to visit in Seoul during summer. Other than this, people also visit museums and villages that display the diverse culture and heritage of Korea. 

How to Pronounce Chuseok?

The pronunciation of the word ‘Chuseok’ is very simple if the syllables are separated and practiced. One has to say ‘Chu’ and ‘seok’ in a repeated manner and there comes the pronunciation. The enunciations come out the correct way if this method is followed.

Is Everland Open on Chuseok?

For theme park lovers, Everland and Lotte World both are open and offer a special discount during Chuseok. They are some of the best places to go in Seoul during summer. 

How to celebrate Chuseok

The one way to celebrate Chuseok is to spend it with family and close ones. Cleaning the tombs of the ancestors and paying your respects to them by offering them the Chuseok feast. Visiting tourist places and spending time with loved ones is another way to celebrate.

What do you eat on Chuseok

Many dishes are prepared on Chuseok that include meats, fruits, soups, and banchan. The dishes need to be arranged in the correct row and direction. Some of the most popular dishes that are prepared are songpyeon, pajeon, dried fish, galbijjim, Toranguk, and sikhye among others. 

Do American Koreans Celebrate Chuseok

There is very little time for Koreans in America to celebrate Chuseok. Students return from college to their homes and celebrate this Thanksgiving Day with their families among a small gathering. Those who are not able to celebrate Chuseok, celebrate it on American Thanksgiving Day. 

Do People Wear Hanbok on Chuseok

Wearing a hanbok on Chuseok is very common. There are many types of hanbok with many different patterns and intricate embroideries on them that make them very desirable. A person wearing hanbok on Chuseok is strongly connected to Korean culture.

Do Restaurants in Korea Close for Chuseok

Since people return to their ancestral homes to celebrate Chuseok with their families, many restaurants are closed during the span of the festival. But, some of the restaurants are open in tourist attraction spots for foreigners. 

Do South and North Korea Celebrate Chuseok

Yes, North and South Korea both celebrate Chuseok but in some different ways. Festivals in North Korea have military parades in many of the celebrations. The celebration of Chuseok in North Korea is a time when people have a feast that is prepared on some occasions only. While in South Korea the festivals are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and participation. People indulge in games, tourism, and many other things to enjoy their time to the fullest.

Does it Take Money to go to the Chuseok Festival

The festivities on the other hand do include spending some money to buy some gifts or participate in the festivities. If someone gifts anyone money during Chuseok it indicates that they trust them and care for them a lot. It also means that they are giving the receiver the freedom to do whatever feels right to them.

How Empty is Seoul During Chuseok

Many businesses are closed for the duration of the holiday. The daily traffic decreases a lot compared to regular days and not many people can be found outside their houses. Since Chuseok day is a national holiday, everyone spends it at home or intimate gatherings with their loved ones.

How Long Does Chuseok Last/How Long is Chuseok

Chuseok lasts for three days i.e., the day of the Korean Thanksgiving and the day before and after the festival.

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