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When is Korean Thanksgiving?

Chuseok 2021

September 20 - September 22

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Chuseok – A Korean Thanksgiving

Today Korea has taken all over the world with its K-drama, K-pop, Kimchi, authentic cuisines, clothes and more. Korean culture is spreading like wildfire everywhere, and one of the most important parts of this culture is Chuseok. Type of Holiday: Folkloric, Calendar/SeasonalDate of Observation: Late September-early October; fifteenth day of the eighth lunar monthWhere Celebrated: KoreaSymbols and Customs: Charye & BeolchoRelated Holidays: Mid-Autumn Festival What is Chuseok Festival? 한가위 Chuseok (which literally translates to autumn eve) is one of Korea’s biggest festivals and holidays. It’s referred to as “Korean

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Chuseok Customs

Chuseok (추석) or Hangawi (한가위), a three-day Korean harvest festival celebrated in Korea. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 9th month of the Lunar Calendar. Chuseok is a festival celebrated with loved ones. People travel back to their ancestral homes to celebrate this festival. A majority of people travel back primarily to Seoul, which causes a massive traffic jam during the three

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Places To Visit During Chuseok – Mid Autumn Summer

Chuseok (추석), also known as Hangwai, is a Korean harvest festival. The biggest harvest festival in Korea falls on the full moon on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. It is a festival that honors religious and agrarian beliefs. While some festivals have lost sight of their original purpose, Chuseok is, celebrated with the same relevance and significance. It is the busiest festival

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A Foreigner’s Guide to Chuseok

Chuseok, literally “Autumn eve,” is a major harvest festival and a three-day holiday in both North and South Korea. Also known as Hangawi, this Korean Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, on the full moon. Like many other harvest festivals worldwide, it is held around the autumn equinox, i.e., at the very end of summer

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Chuseok Greetings

The time of the year when people go back to their ancestral homes to celebrate a good harvest, Chuseok is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in all of Korea. When you meet your family after a long time, especially during a celebration you greet them with all your hope, happiness and love. While greeting Happy Chuseok you have to know the right way to

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Covid And Chuseok

Restrictions In November 2020, the South Korean government implemented a five-tier social distancing model. Since January 2021, authorities have tightened gathering and business restrictions throughout the country in response to the continuing Covid-19 outbreak. As a result of more transmissible pathogens, South Korea is facing a severe third wave of infections, Due to Coronavirus strains from South Africa and the United Kingdom. The Five-Tier Social

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Movies To Watch During Chuseok

A time to spend with family, a time to be around all the positive energy and love, Chuseok brings us together. There are so many things we can do to make the most of the time we spend with our loved ones. One of them is watching movies that remind us of our culture and tradition. Here we have the best movies for you to

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Chuseok Gift Guide

Chuseok is a festival where all hope arises and people celebrate with their families a new beginning towards a better year. People all around the world celebrate Thanksgiving while people in Korea celebrate Chuseok. People meet and greet each other while exchanging gifts. When you gift someone something during Chuseok it holds some meaning to it.  Giving gifts was considered a huge thing back in

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Chuseok In North and South Korea

Chuseok, Korea’s national holiday, celebrates the harvest and is one of the most important festivals of the year. Held around the autumn equinox, Chuseok is a traditional holiday that started before Korea was divided. However, like other practices in the country, Chuseok, too, is celebrated differently by North and South Korea. From the duration of the festival to the ceremonies to the food, multiple variations

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Chuseok - A Korean Thanksgiving

Chuseok (Hangul: 추석; Hanja: 秋夕; literally “Autumn eve”), sometimes romanized as Chusok or Jujak, is the name of the Korean thanksgiving celebration. The holiday lasts three days, with the festivities concentrated on the days before and after the full moon. The event is similar to other harvest festivals around the world and has its roots in ancient agricultural traditions. It is the longest holiday in Korea and is celebrated between September 19 and October 3 by Koreans living in both South Korea and North Korea.

Quick notes

  1. Chuseok (Hangul: 추석; Hanja: 秋夕; literally “Autumn eve”)
  2. Traditional Chuseok food are Songpyeon, Japche & Jeon
  3. Chuseok is a 3 day festival
  4. Famous Chuseok Greeting – 추석 잘 보내세요! (Chuseog Jal Bonaeseyo) Which Means Have A Good Chuseok
  5.  Chuseok is pronounced as “Chusok”
  6. Chuseok is an mid autumn festival of Korea
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